Life cycle of the Black Panther
  • It is common for female Black Panthers to give birth to their first litter at two and a-half years old.
  • Black Panthers mate at any time of the year.
  • They are solitary animals.
  • Adult male Panthers live alone for most of their adult lives.
  • A male Black Panther only stays together with the female Panther a few days during the mating period.
  • The gestation period is about 90 to 105 days.
  • The female black Panther is the sole provider and caregiver of her cub.

Mother Panthers and her Cubs
  • A black panther cub is usually born in the same litter along with other light-coloured Cubs.
  • Typically, a litter consists of two to three cubs but can on occasion sometimes, up to six.
  • Black panther cubs are born with their eyes closed and are covered with faintly spotted smoky grey fur.
  • They weigh about 450 to 1000 g (16 to 35 oz).

Baby Cubs

  • The mother leopard stays in her den all the time during the first few days after the birth to rest and nurse the newborn baby panthers.
  • Cubs spend most of their time sleeping and nursing on their mother’s milk.
  • Panther Cubs open their eyes after about ten days from birth.
  • The mother leopard leaves her cubs unattended as she travels far from the birth den to find food.
  • The cub panthers are vulnerable to being prey when their mother is out hunting
  • Black Panther cubs follow their mother on hunting trips when they are two to three months old.
  • They begin to eat meat then around two to three months.
  • Picking up hunting skills from watching their mother.
  • They learn how to hide from enemies and start off by hunting smaller prey such as grass hoppers and lizards, than mice and rats.
  • To protect themselves from predators, black panther cubs develop tree-climbing skills.
  • The mother has to keep an eye on them all the time during this period of time as they are still vulnerable to enemies.
  • The Black Panther cubs become fully independant around two years of age.
  • They can live about 12 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.